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We all want to work out and get into shape but sometimes it just doesn’t happen the way you expected. You are excited and motivated to start that new fitness program or gym that everyone has been talking about. You start it and are loving it but then life gets in the way. Maybe work is taking up more time than it used to, the kids need to be taken to their activities, or you get sick for a little while. Whatever it is that is preventing you from sticking to your workout routine, let’s nip it in the butt right now. Here are 7 tips to stick with your workout routine.

1. Set a Goal

What is your “why?” Do you have a specific goal in mind? Write it down. Seriously, physically write it down somewhere you will see it throughout your week. It could be run a 5k or get toned for summer, whatever it is, write it down and remind yourself of it often.

2. Get Prepared

If you plan to work out in the morning, make sure to set out your workout clothes the night before. If you prepare ahead of time it will help make getting started so much easier.

3. Get the Right Stuff

Having nice workout clothes or shoes can make a huge difference. You’re going to want to wear and use them. Treat yourself to some nice workout gear.

4. Recruit a Friend

It is likely that at least one of your friends also wants to stick to working out and could also use a push. Recruit at least one friend to go to the gym or a class with you. Having a buddy to motivate you to get there can do you wonders.

5. Start Slow

You may feel really motivated in the beginning but remember to go slow. Your body is going to need time to adjust if you are starting a new workout routine. If you jump in too fast you could get sore and burnt out quickly.

6. It’s Okay to Have Easy Days

Maybe you had a bad day or you are just really sore, it’s okay to take it easy. Just plan to go for a walk. Any physical movement is better than just sitting on the couch and eating junk food.

7. Find What You Like

Did you ever think that maybe your last workout routines didn’t stick because you didn’t actually enjoy them? You have to find a physical activity that you like. You are not going to stick to something if you don’t like it. Try different classes or activities to see what you enjoy most.