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There has been a lot of entertainment and fashion news about the singer Rihanna who is pregnant with her first child. She has been photographed at many events in clothes that show off her baby bump. Her fashion choices and style has not changed since becoming pregnant. Many people are condoning her fashion choices and say that she is changing fashion for pregnant women. The fashion magazine Vogue recently did an article titled Is Rihanna Changing Pregnancy Style Forever. She did interviews where she said that she will not buy maternity clothes because she has too much fun dressing up.

Although most of us do not dress up the way Rihanna does, she is showing that pregnant women can dress the way they want. If you want to wear a crop top that shows off your bump, go ahead. If you want to wear a bikini at the beach, go ahead. If you want to wear a skin-tight dress, go ahead. Women should not feel forced into covering up while they are pregnant if they don’t want to. What you wear is a personal decision and should be decided by the individual.

Rihanna’s courageousness should be applauded but if a woman wants to cover up and be more modest during pregnancy there is nothing wrong with that either. There are some women who prefer to hide their pregnancy in the beginning so they use clothing to hide their changing body. Some women just don’t feel comfortable showing off their baby bump to the world. In some cases, women may just want to wear loose fitting clothes because it is more comfortable.

The point is that whatever a woman decides to wear, whether she is pregnant or not is up to her. Pregnancy changes your body but it doesn’t have to change your style or personality. Women are going to go through many changes before and after their babies arrive but they shouldn’t forget about remaining true to themselves. It is important to remember that you don’t lose your identity when you have a child.