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The popularity of social media has pros and cons. It can help bring awareness to concerning topics and news which is important but these short videos often lack a complete view of the topic at hand.

Most people know that pregnancy causes many body changes but recently there have been videos circulating on TikTok which show some of the lesser-known side effects of pregnancy. Some topics that these videos show are diastasis recti, tooth loss, and postpartum cramping. USA Today did an article recently where they had OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Wu weigh in on these TikTok videos.

Per Dr. Wu, “In pregnancy, your body is almost a science experiment. There are changes daily – your belly changes, your legs change, your veins change, the very blood that flows through your veins changes…Most patients expect these changes but the extent of the changes they may not know.”

Pregnancy Tooth Loss

Addressing the pregnancy tooth loss video on TikTok, Dr. Wu says that pregnancy requires a lot of calcium and that teeth can be affected. “Patients will report cracking a tooth or chipping teeth more easily during pregnancy, that’s fairly common…and sometimes people do lose a tooth, especially people who have had very poor dental care or low calcium intake in their bone-building years.”

Postpartum Cramping

Most postpartum cramping is normal because it is your body’s way of returning to normal. This cramping will not last long term and should go away within a few weeks. Dr. Wu says that postpartum cramping is the result of the uterus trying to contract back to its regular shape and size.

Diastasis Recti

Diastasis recti is when the abdominal muscles separate. This can happen during pregnancy when the abdominal wall is stretched to make room for the baby. Depending on the severity, diastasis recti can be fixed with physical therapy or surgery.


Although these are possible side effects of pregnancy it is not advised to have unnecessary worry about them. Instead, it is advised to have a good relationship with your OB-GYN so that you discuss your concerns with them. Educate yourself about pregnancy using reliable sources such as the book What to Expect When Expecting. Try not to worry about things too early or beforehand because they may not even occur in your pregnancy or delivery. Lastly, keep things in perspective, and don’t forget to enjoy the miracle that is occurring.


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