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All those sweet treats around Halloween time can be so tempting but not good for your health. Use these tips to help you and your loved ones have a healthier Halloween.

Halloween can be a fun holiday for the entire family but sometimes you may be wary of all the sweet treats and candy that are associated with the holiday. It’s so easy to dip into the candy stash you bought to give out on Halloween night or the candy your children picked up. At costume parties, it is hard to resist all the fun-looking foods. There are sweet treats everywhere you look around Halloween time. If it is a hard time of year to maintain your healthy eating habits. Use the following tips to help you resist all those spooky unhealthy treats.

1. Have a Healthy Meal Before Going Out

Whenever going out for a party or trick or treating make sure to have a healthy meal or snack before going. This will reduce the likelihood of binging on unhealthy foods and keep you full longer.

2. Use a Smaller Candy Bag

Instead of having your kids take a large bag for trick or treating, encourage using a smaller bag. This way they feel like they have gotten a lot of candy but don’t feel the need to go overboard.

3. Keep Moving

Going trick-or-treating? It’s a great opportunity to get yourself moving. Walk in place while you are waiting for your kids. This will keep you busy and active.

4. Chew on Some Gum

It’s really hard to resist all those sweet treats when they are around. Consider chewing on some gum. This will help keep your mind off the candy.

5. Skip the Trick or Treating

If your family is up for it, consider skipping the trick or treating and instead dress up and go to the movies.

6. Give Out Healthy or Non-Editable Treats

There are plenty of healthy snacks or non-editable treats you can give out on Halloween. Consider juice boxes, pretzels, popcorn, gram crackers, gum, glow sticks, bouncy balls, stickers, and bubbles. These will keep kids happy without all the sugar.

7. Put a Limit on Candy

After Halloween, your kids may want to go crazy with their Halloween candy. Try to put a limit on how much candy they can have per day such as two pieces. That way they learn patience and don’t consume too much sugar.

8. Donate Leftover Candy

If you have a lot of leftover candy that you want to get out of the house because it is too tempting, consider donating it to a local charity or bringing it to your coworkers.